Executive Coaching

We can offer experienced coaches who will identify practical, relevant and results oriented tasks for the coachee which are both relevant and important for the organisation and yet which can also act as an effective tool for the personal and business development of the individual’s full performance potential. It goes without saying that total confidentiality is respected at all times.

Goals are set at the outset of the coaching relationship, which are then broken down into stages as the programme develops so that progress can be measured and the results evaluated.

Whilst sometimes it is appropriate to undertake coaching using internal coaches, we believe that additional benefit is gained by using external third parties who are not connected with the organisation. They can bring a fresh perspective, have specialist coaching skills and can keep apart from any ‘corporate baggage’ or internal politics!

Our coaching programmes are designed to fulfill several objectives:

  • Focused on specific objectives
  • Flexible in time frame
  • Fully supported through regular communication
  • Reviewed and evaluated to measure success