Assessment Services

A candidate's work history can be explored in an interview, but it is harder to measure an individual's potential to deliver business results in a new role and in a new environment. Equally in the case of an existing employee, it may be difficult to judge their suitability for promotion to the next level of management without some additional form of testing.

Our assessment services take an in-depth approach to understanding how an individual may perform in a new situation through the use of a wide range of assessment that tools can be "off the shelf" or bespoke to the client. These may include some psychometric assessment, ability testing, motivational exercises and observed activities such as role-play, group sessions, case studies and presentations. These techniques may be used separately or in combination and they may take place individually or in groups. Using our flexible approach, clients can tailor the method and depth of the assessment process to suit their organisation, the type of role and the specific skills and traits required.

The results from these assessment tools will enable an employer to better understand the candidate’s preferred style of working, what motivates them, core strengths, areas for development and provide real evidence of the skills they can offer.